About Us
About Us

Oilcraft Naturals is a labor of love which blends ancient traditions of aromatherapy with a modern approach to well-being. The parent company being more than a century old, we have a sound production base and a direct marketing strategy to cater to everyone who may be interested in essential/aroma oils, natural distillates (like rose water), blends and natural Indian fragrances or 'attars'. Our client list includes several prestigious names, both organizations as well as individuals in India as well as overseas.

Oilcraft Naturals is crafted out of long standing Indian traditions of perfume making and marrying it to modern technology to deliver outstanding results. It was a natural culmination of a 110 year old family business out of Kannauj in UP and Kolkata and was established to serve as the wellness arm of a perfumery chain of companies. It is an endeavor to bring to the consumers the ultimate in skin care and well-being. We now want to make a ‘paradigm’ shift in the way we conduct our business, from bulk to personal and therefore touching each potential wellness client individually and ‘directly’ to bring to him/her the possibilities that a pure and holistic product can bring to our daily lives. Oilcraft Naturals wants to reach out and be available at wellness and lifestyle stores where each client may be personally attended to and allowed to experience each product range with the luxury of time and space. This facility is in direct co-relation to a growing demand of ‘personalized’ products and services from a very discerning client base which wants a couple of queries and doubts laid to rest before a product or a service is finalized.

To meet this requirement, Oilcraft Naturals is stocking at select outlets which are high on our target customer footfall and also premium in terms of exposure to a very selective client-base, although products are aimed at everyone because we truly believe that every person should experience the benefits that a pure product can bring to the table. At the same time, we know that everyone will not be easily willing to pay a premium price for a good product. It is this brand equity which we are trying to establish, by directly approaching our customers.

This is the criterion for our product line: Genuine, authentic, unadulterated, pure, holistic, and therapeutic essential oils all rolled into one. These premium recipes are totally unique because they are free from adulteration and all are single species.

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