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Parijat & Bakuchi Night Cream

Parijat & Bakuchi Night Cream

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Oilcraft Naturals anti ageing and brightening night cream is an ancient Ayurvedic recipe to combat wrinkles , fine lines pigmentation and dryness.

With collagen,elastin and essential lipids from Parijat , GotKula , licorice and Bakuchi, it rejuvenate the face and neck areas and improves elasticity and texture. It is fortified with vitamins C and E to repair the skin cells and dramatically reduce pigmentation.

This rich cream is created to hydrate repair and renew. Despite the luxurious rich texture the cream is light enough to penetrate and heal.

Usage- Clean face with Oilcraft Naturals rose water. Apply a coin sized portion of the cream on face and neck. Massage in a upwards circular motion. For added benefit mix a few drops of our Jojoba anti ageing serum /Kumkumadi serum and apply to damp skin . Wear the night cream over this blend for best results . Leave in overnight.

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