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Panch Pushp Facial Mist
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  • Panch Pushp Facial Mist

Panch Pushp Facial Mist

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Product Description
Oilcraft Naturals Panch Pushp water is a unique blend of the extract of 5 flowers which are unique to the India sub-continent. This fragrant extract is prepared by steam distillation of each individual component and later condensing the vapours , which results in a product of unmatched quality and benefits. Each flower contributes its own benefits and properties like Mogra for hydration, Rose for toning, Saffron for healing , Kewra for cooling & softening & Marigold for cleansing. This distillate is an excellent hydration mist for the face as well as the body and doubles up as a unique natural perfume. It works as a toner and moisturizer for the daily skincare routine and also balances the skin's PH levels. Regular and correct usage of this product reduces age spots , fine lines and enhances general well being
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