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Premium Color Plus Conditioning Henna
  • Premium Color Plus Conditioning Henna
  • Premium Color Plus Conditioning Henna

Premium Color Plus Conditioning Henna

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Product Description

Oilcraft Naturals Premium Henna is made with organic henna leaves from Rajasthan.

Henna is an excellent herbal conditioner and colorant. It nourishes the hair making it shiny, soft and silky. It repairs and seals the cuticle, thus helps in healing hair shaft, preventing hair breakage.

Henna balances the pH of the scalp, thus, preventing premature hair fall, graying and dandruff. It also reverses the effects of pollution on hair as well as dryness due to excessive blow drying, dyeing etc.

Henna also has anti-fungal and preservative properties. This premium Henna evenly coats each hair shaft to provide deep conditiong and lasting natural brown color on each application. Real color is visible after 48 hours post application.


Soak henna overnight in warm water in an iron wok or container.

Add a tablespoon of sesame oil to develop the color and you may also add a tablespoon each of instant coffee powder and Amla powder. This paste will soak overnight

Day 1-

Next morning apply this blend on hair and rinse off with JUST WATER after 2 hours . No shampoo yet

Apply any good oil you have handy to prevent drying out. Ideally you should use a medicated oil so that the damp hair soaks up the goodness

Day 2-

Next day soak the indigo powder for an hour in warm water and add a tablespoonful of sesame oil. Directly apply on oiled hair and wear for 2 hours.

This time you will shampoo the hair while you rinse off.

Your hair will feel more hydrated , your head lighter and your color goal achieved!

????Good to know

2. Different individuals will get different results in the first application, just like palm henna for some is darker than the others.

With a completely natural product , these are the things we need to learn to live with

3. With time and a couple of applications , everyone will eventually get their desired shade and you will

notice that the frequency of coloring hair will go down tremendously

4. Kapha constitutions get delayed results with natural colours

5. With organic colours you will notice that your head will feel very light post a color job.

This happens because there are no chemicals getting into your lymphatic system through the scalp

6. You will also notice that your hair quality improves over time ,due to the Ayurvedic herbs that we have included in the colours

Your hair shall feel voluminous, glossy , stronger and hydrated.

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